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Cold reset method of HP integrated machine

Fault phenomenon
Fax machine with light shading (such as light yellow or light green) file, accept the receipt of the paper, the light part is not clear, or simply disappear without printing.
Failure cause
This is because the document to be sent on the text or shades of color and white too close, and when sending a fax, scan circuit will be in these places as the same stain filter, which will cause the fax does not transmit these light colored text or background of past phenomenon.
Because the color close to white, so will scan these places as the same stain filter, to solve this problem we need to fax scan resolution, and can choose to enhance scanning. The operating procedure is as follows:
OfficeJet 725:
1.;;. In the standby state (display time), press the function list, then press the right direction key to move to “Fax Resolution”, press “start”. Then select the fax resolution, there are four options: “Standard” (standard), Fine (good), 300 DPI (resolution 300), Photo (photo), the default is Fine, we can press the right key to choose “300” DPI “or” Photo “and then press start to determine.
2.; then select the “scan”, then press “function list”, then move to “Contrast”, press “right” to “start”. Press the right arrow to “Darken” and press “start”.
• OfficeJet, V40, 5110, 4110, 4255, 5510, 6110 (with OfficeJet 4110 as an example, and the rest of the models are identical):
1..; in the standby state (display time), press “Fax”, and then enter the fax number, and then press “Fax” until the LCD screen shows “Resolution”, “select resolution”. It is recommended to press the right arrow to “Photo” and press “enter” to select the photo quality.
2.; and then press “Fax” until the LCD screen shows “Lighter/Darker” press the right button to adjust the black dots to the far right, press the “enter key” to deepen the scanning effect.
3.;;; finally is to save the settings (if you do not want to use every fax this resolution, this step can be omitted directly according to the “start (black and white / color) to start the fax), press fax until the LCD screen display” Set New Defaults “and then press enter and press the right key to Yes and then press” “input.

Common faults of printed line break and Solutions

Printing broken line is a common fault, usually caused by the following reasons.
(1) install new cartridges, basically only one or two times of cleaning printing, ink can be normal, generally in use will not break. According to the assembled computer configuration network, the reason for the disconnection is that the user does not set the feed bracket properly before printing. The paper causes the paper to be rolled and the paper is broken after rubbing with the nozzle.
Solution: set the feed bracket.
The broken line may also be the original ink. When the ink is used up, the ink cartridge is not replaced in time, but the printer is placed in a higher temperature environment for a long time. After the ink box is installed, will run out in three months, when the ink cartridge is put on do not often use, because air enters in the cartridge due to poor air tightness, easy to make the ink in the nozzle, ink viscosity within larger, resulting in breakage of ink-jet printer fault.
Solution: replace the cartridge and clean the nozzle.
(2) common problems of changing other brand ink boxes;
The disconnection of other brand cartridges is due to the fact that the physical and chemical properties of the cartridge do not meet the parameters required by the printer’s original cartridge. In the replacement of other brands of cartridges, sometimes it will be found that some colors are smooth, and some colors have to be cleaned many times before they come out, waste a lot of ink. This is because the ink cartridges produced by such manufacturers may not meet the technical requirements of the original cartridge, and the ink imbalance problem is easy to occur when used. Solution: use the original cartridge.

Resolve a printer cannot respond to a fault

I do not know if you have encountered such a situation, that is, through software issued to the printer print command, the printer did not respond to any. So what should we do if we really encounter this situation in actual operation? I hope this article will help you.
1, first check whether the current printer has been set to “out of print, if it is, no matter how to send the print printer command, the printer will certainly not accept the print command, to make the printer can accept user response, can cancel the” pause a print this setting; in this setting when you cancel. You can open the printer operation window, and then click the right mouse button to install the current system in the printer program icon from the shortcut menu, you can see the “pause before the print command has a tick, and then click the mouse as long as the command options, you can cancel the” pause print this set.
2, check whether the printer is connected to the computer has been set as the default printer, because in many Windows programs, click the print command, the program will be the currently open page content to the default printer, if you use the printer that was not set to the default printer, then print the contents can not be sent to the printer currently installed, naturally can not print the document. At this point, you can first open the printer operation window corresponding to the printer icon and click the right mouse button, select “set as default command from the pop-up shortcut menu, you can set the printer for all Windows applications use the default printer.
3, check whether the printer is online, and if the printer is not online, the printer is naturally unable to work. Let the printer is online it must ensure that the printer power supply has been switched on, the power switch must open the printer, the printer paper must be properly placed, printer toner cartridges, or ribbon must be valid, and to ensure that there is no current printer paper jam. Of course, the most direct way to see if a printer is online is to see if the Online indicator lights on the printer control panel.
4, check the current program in the end to which port using the printer, you can check in the Windows desktop, first click the “start / settings / control panel / printer, printer and then open the window, find the corresponding printer icon and right-click it, then choose” the properties command on the shortcut menu, in the printer properties dialog box, click the details tab labels in the pages of print to the following port settings, check whether the printer has been set to the appropriate print port. Usually the printer port is set to “Lpt1: printer port, some special types of printers may require the use of special printing port, we must check the corresponding printer manual, according to the requirement of manual, to set the appropriate print to the printer port.

Printer ribbon maintenance skills

1. Change the ribbon yourself
In fact, yourself to replace the print ribbon and is not too difficult, but different types of needle type printer, the ribbon cage structure are not the same, but their ribbon operating principle is similar, we now commonly used LQ1600 as an example: first, open the upper cover of the printer, you will see a shape like a black box clip (usually black), we call it a printing frame, it is placed in the middle empty part of the print head. Remove the print rack, and note that when you open it, pull it up from the end of the print head, and the print rack can be easily removed. You can then open the print frame, due to the different types of printers to print the frame structure is different, the ribbon winding method is slightly different, so you have to observe the primary winding ribbon, or ribbon is probably not due to the failure of the normal rotation of printing. It should be noted that the two gears in the rack should be fitted with ribbons and should be parallel to them. Otherwise, the ribbon will be shifted along with the rotation of the gear. Finally, the gear will not rotate. When the ribbon is mounted, the print rack is returned to its original position and the ribbon is replaced.
2, a good way to extend the needle ribbon
In fact, as we said earlier, ribbons are the main consumables for the stylus printer, so we have no idea how long the ribbon lives in the daily use. The answer is yes. I use the printer AR3200 as an example, you can introduce some ways to save ribbon, of course, other printers can refer to use.
1) prepared two print cartridge, with darker color (New) ribbon printing formal presentation, with lighter (used, but the base must be in good condition, otherwise it will damage the needle) ribbon print or stencil informal presentation.
2) in the ribbon box ribbon outlet with transparent tape fixed two small pieces of foam, the ribbon sandwiched between two pieces of foam, while absorbing foam printing ink the better quality, this can keep the ribbon wet, prolong the using time of the ribbon.
3) with two pieces of printing ink sucking high quality foam grip ribbon box front end exposed section of the ribbon, rotating ribbon shaft gently, to use for a period of time (base intact) add some ink ribbon (ribbon is added to the whole root, or when printing color is not a), then open let the ink ribbon box with ribbon dry (or add a small amount of gasoline in the ink) after use, try to play a few pages of informal draft ink distribution. And then print the formal manuscript.
4) to develop the habit of adjusting the distance between the print head and the paper according to the thickness of the paper. The principle is in line with the requirements of printing effect as long as can big is big. For the new ribbon, when printing paper tissue, you can also appropriately adjust the distance, because the color is thicker, to ensure the quality of printing.
5) can remove the ribbon printing stencil. This must not be printed directly on wax melting into the wax paper, pinhole. Most of the stencil with transparent paper, put it in the stencil print.

What can I do if the printer cannot print?

How can I print it and suddenly I can’t print it? What should I do? Wait for someone to fix it? If urgent documents need to be printed at once, isn’t that a matter of delay?. In fact, the printer fault can sometimes be very simple to repair, and if it is a small problem, we solve it on OK. Okay, okay. Let’s see how to fix a simple printer failure.
Is the printer cable interface loose?
This is the simplest situation, just check the printer data communication connection, check the printer connection cable interface is loose. If you have a new cable, try plugging it in, or connecting the printer to another computer for testing. After completing these steps, you should consider other issues if the printer cannot connect to the host.
Is the computer poisoned?
How do you determine if a virus is causing a fault? Just find a virus free system disk and start the computer from the A drive. Check that the printer and host are online. If the normal line, it is very likely that some can attack the computer hardware caused by the virus, can run Kingsoft antivirus software antivirus treatment, can remove the faults.

Printer maintenance

1) do not often use inkjet printers, at least once a week to start, so as not to print head blocked due to dry.
2) use inkjet printer’s environment most avoid dust, to keep clean printing working environment, at the same time, print paper must keep the surface dust-free and dry, otherwise, dust into the machine, easy to print head blocked. Therefore, be sure to develop the habit of regularly cleaning print heads.
3) inkjet printers should be used in a suitable temperature environment. In a low temperature drying environment, the mechanical part of the operation will be due to the solidification of lubricating oil and not smooth.
4) the printer must guarantee the installation of sufficient ink cartridges, ink cartridges without ink, even if not used, should be replaced immediately, otherwise the print head will dry in the air and blocked.
5) the cartridge once installed, do not easily remove it before loading, because the ink cartridge is removed will make the air into the cartridge ink outlet, and then installed this part of air will be sucked into the print head to print blank, and caused serious damage to the print head.
6) ink: ink liquid is placed, liquidity is one of its properties, even in the sponge and ink affinity, also cannot change its flow, especially in transportation vibration conditions more difficult to avoid, so the cartridge newchange cover or nozzle down, not upside down, this is easy to cause the nozzle ink is not sufficient, the effect of the initial printing machine.
7) after 1 hours of continuous printing, the printer should rest for 15 minutes to ensure the printing effect and prolong the life of the printer.
8) must first power off, after power failure, once the normal power failure, please promptly print head back to stop standby position, in order to avoid printing nozzle dry, cause plug head and form permanent damage.
9) if there is an exception, please do not let the printer continue to work, according to the general treatment method, still can not solve, please find the relevant professionals to deal with.

Inkjet printers (take EPSON as an example)

1, boot
(1) there is a key to open, press the key to open.
(2) without key, insert the power directly and click on the original picture
2. Install cartridge
Click to see the artwork
Change ink: change ink process with the above words, the car is not in the ink position. Note that some of the CANON models are switched off under shutdown
3. Paper loading
Place suitable quantity and quality paper in the paper feeder.
Normally, the printer automatically loads the paper when it receives the print command.
Pressing the feed key also allows the paper to enter the ready print position.
Some printers use more feed mode. Such as EPSON, MJ1500K, SC1520K. It can put either a sheet of paper on the top or a sheet of paper at the bottom, and a continuous paper from the back.

Classification and working principle of inkjet printer

At present, inkjet printers are mainly piezoelectric and bubble type two. Piezoelectric inkjet technology represented by EPSON. Bubble jet technology is represented by CANON, HP, and LEXMARK.
A. piezoelectric inkjet printer:
Piezoelectric ink jet printer nozzle is arranged in the ink nozzle in the upper and lower sides are respectively provided with a piezoelectric crystal, pulse voltage is applied on the piezoelectric crystal, the deformation after pressure, thereby squeezing nozzle of ink droplets, each nozzle through a piezoelectric circuit is connected to the printer data forming circuit. So the jet nozzle pipeline connected to an ink box, in order to avoid the ink dry and dust clogging nozzle, nozzle is provided with a baffle, do not cover the print nozzle, the nozzle head and a nozzle orifice to maintain constant temperature, constant to maintain the temperature of the nozzle head, so that the influence of print out the lattice size not affected by environmental temperature.
B. bubble jet printer
A bubble type inkjet printer is provided with a heat element on the tube wall of the nozzle, and an electric pulse signal added to the heat element is provided by a printer data forming circuit. When the amplitude is high enough, the pulse voltage pulse is small enough to heat, heat element is rapidly warming, so that the ink vaporization close to the heat element, the formation of tiny bubbles, small bubbles become thin film formation of steam, the steam film will ink and thermal isolation, so ink and without heating (cooling device is not need ink).

Printer categories

Printer according to the principle of printing can be divided into the following three categories:
A. stylus printer (dot matrix printer)
The current needle printer is generally a 24 pin printer. The number of needles refers to the arrangement and quantity of the print pins in the print head. The more needles, the better the quality of printing. There are two kinds of needle printers: 9 needles and 24 needles. 9 of them have been eliminated.
B. inkjet printer
The head of an inkjet printer is made up of hundreds of tiny nozzles, and you know its accuracy is much higher than the stylus. When the print head moves in a particular way, a nozzle spray ink onto a printing paper, printing pattern formation.
C. laser printer
The quality of laser printers ranks first among printers. Laser printer using laser scanning photosensitive drum rotary drum, the toner, the toner onto a photosensitive region, then the drum is attached to the toner print paper, and finally through the heating device, the toner melting on the printed page.

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